You’re A Leader of Thought, A Leader in Business, A Leader for Global Change…

Now It’s Time for The Book.


It’s been nagging at you, in the back of your mind, or closer to the front. But you know it. The book is overdue. You’ve felt it for awhile. The problem is, the more you grow, the less room you have to write. And that publishing step, that’s a mystery, but it looks complicated. Complicated and time consuming.

Time. Your most precious resource. The one you have in shortest supply. Your life is so full, so exciting, so vibrant, you cringe at the thought of giving one second of it over to anything that doesn’t maximize the impact you can make, the imprint you can leave upon this Earth.

And yet. The book is part of that imprint. You know that books shift paradigms. Books open minds. Books evoke thought. Books incite change. And change is what you’re all about. You lead change. You live for change.

If this resonates with you, I’m glad you’re here. I help leaders in thought, business, and other change agents turn their bold ideas into published books that spur shifts in attitudes, beliefs, processes, and paradigms to help make the world a better place for everyone.

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Check Out What My Clients Are Saying…

“There are so many obstacles you encounter and a good coach helps you bypass them and keep going. Robin is also a mentor as she has a wealth of knowledge about the publishing industry that helped me avoid costly mistakes and wasting precious time. Everyone says they want to write a book. If you hire Robin, you will actually walk the talk.” – Debra Berndt, bestselling author Let Love In (John Wiley & Sons)


David Wise

“Robin was indispensable in the preparation of my book, The Spy Who Got Away (Random House), which was serialized in Newsweek and was a featured selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club. 

I recommend her with great enthusiasm. Anyone who has the good fortune to acquire her talents will not regret it.”

- David Wise, New York Times bestselling author

  Ashi“Robin is an extraordinary innovator whose perception and vision guided me to a marketing strategy that felt right for me. Her enthusiasm is contagious and instilled a sense of self-empowerment within a process that had previously felt foreign and untenable.”

– Ashi, Award-Winning Author, Bless Your Mess

  “Thanks to Robin Colucci  — who saw the potential in me as a writer and pushed me to bring out the funny, vulnerable, and personal side of business etiquette in this book. Her guidance and personal direction made this process a pleasure.”

– Dallas Teague-Snider, Professionally Polished: Business Etiquette Savvy for Today’s Competitive Market

“Robin made great suggestions to improve (my book). On top of that, she had insight into some of the comments I made, challenged me and gave me the opportunity to correct them before my readers did. I am forever indebted.”

– Dr. Philip Agrios, Author, Life’s One Law


  “Thanks, Robin! You spurred me to get my butt in gear and finish my young adult manuscript. Well, I did, and I started querying agents two weeks ago. I’ve had four offers, and today I decided on The One to sign with. Thanks so much for inspiring me to stop obsessively revising my novel. I’m now one step closer to publication!”

– Susan Dennard

“I found Robin to be the most caring, most thorough and the most expert in her field… I cannot think of anyone better to get yourself going, write your book and be successful than to hire Robin Colucci. I completely endorse Robin. She’s fantastic, and she’s a beautiful person.”

– Michael Marciniak, author Recover Your American Dream: A Back to Basics Guide to Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness

“The work I am doing in Robin’s Write A Book program is going to pay me back tenfold. I’m becoming a better writer, I’m learning not to freak out when my ideas aren’t perfect in my head, trusting that she can help me, and it’s all going to work out. It’s not just her editing ability, but also her knowledge of business and the industry I’m in–she helps me to see the big picture, Plus she’s just fun to hang out with.”

– Tonya Leigh, life coach

“As you know, I’ve got a very intimate relationship with my writing block. It’s like a big bully, so we’ve decided to name it Bruno. You’ve helped me to translate my thoughts into clear and compelling words so beautifully, it’s like you’ve kicked Bruno in the knees! I love it, and would recommend your services to anyone. You have a brilliant gift as a writing coach!”

– Ghennipher Weeks

“I have been thinking a lot about the Author Platform Boot camp experience and wanted to share some of these thoughts with you. During the first call I recognized that your personality and humor would make learning from you easy for me. I need an honest, heart centered, in your face kind of coach who will pull out of me what I didn’t know was in there, and push me to a broader way of thinking. So, in your joy-filled delivery you opened my mind to a huge industry with many opportunities (which got my juices flowing) and ultimately brought it down to the focus required for me to impact my market. Your coaching gave me the how, what, why, where and when to take each step. After the training I realized I had come up a notch. In fact, I was applying everything you taught me and heard a new boldness and a knowing regarding the editing and cover design of my book. I had courage when speaking to professionals to make my case and found each time I did, something wonderful happened to my book, working with my publisher as a teammate. I attended a seminar on Saturday and the instructors gave us a one on one session. They were each amazed that I was “so together” in my platform with a clear direction. Thanks for making me look good. After Saturday’s seminar I had this huge revelation… I need a coach, and I am blessed to have you. Am I a raving fan? Yes, I am. Thank you.”

– Penny Robichaux-Koontz

“Hi Robin! Great session! You are wonderful to work with. A truly engaged coach, you are enthusiastic, inspired, energetic, smart, give a lot of encouragement at the same time as good direction so – I report that I am truly re-ignited on my project that I have been “iffy” about now for quite some-time. It feels manageable to me now… more organized, less chaotic… and what terrific emotional support you give as well. I feel like I learned a LOT and am excited to work with you. MY COMPLIMENTS! GOOD JOB! GREAT SESSION! The mark of a great guide is in how excited the guidees are to work on their homework! YOU ROCK!”

– Iris Gillon

“Robin, I wanted to thank you for all you have given me while we have worked together. You have provided me with so much insight and value into the whole process of writing and getting published. It has been a distinct privilege to work with you. It would be so easy in a coaching/student setting for you to have ego about your position, but that was never the case. You always were very present to me and to what I needed, and offered me your wisdom and advice in a very caring and thoughtful way. I always felt seen and heard by you, so thank you for how much you have helped me. It has been a significant learning experience for me, always in the context of your concern to guide me along the path of becoming a better writer, and a writer who can get published. Our time together was always very valuable. Thanks for being you, and being so willing to share your extensive expertise with me.”

– Bill Cole-Kiernan

“Robin’s editing of my novel has been invaluable. She made the narrator’s voice more active, forced me to face my clichés and get creative, and really made me deal with some difficult sections…that didn’t work fully. Overall, the book is much more compelling from her input, and I will be forever grateful”

– Makael Newby, My Erotic Adventure for Women


“I want you to know how much I appreciate what you’ve done with my manuscript. You preserved the essence, cleared up the vague, made the cloudy transparent, eliminated the inane, provided more deapth, laid it out with more breadth, and transformed profound concepts into understandable wisdom…please accept my deepest thanks.”

– Tim Austen, Real Men Don’t Talk Trash

“As an aspiring author, Robin has provided me with the deep insight and detailed knowledge I require in order to navigate the rough seas of being pre-published. In doing so, she has opened the doorway for me to really understand my own work, its placing and its unique content. I have found Robin to be approachable, informative, respectful, creative and extremely helpful. I highly recommend her.”

– Jay Merrilees

“Robin brings an excellent balance of professionalism, deep knowledge and experience and personality that makes work really fun. Her support and encouragement is also balanced with challenging direction that has stretched me beyond what I thought was possible for myself. She is a refreshing blend of flexibility and tenacity.”   

– Dorothy Mathis, Joy of Aging


“I hired Robin towards the end of writing my first book. Her brilliant and insightful editing and patient coaching helped me feel confident in launching this monumental project out into the world. I highly recommend Robin!!”

– Kristen Moeller, Best-selling Author, Waiting For Jack



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  1. Zandra Conway
    2 years ago

    I am looking forward to writing up my first book. It is time for me to get seriously working about this project. Thanks, Robin for all that you do!


  2. Steve Supple
    3 years ago

    Hi Robin,
    Just read all the testimonials. It gave me a great picture of you as a person, as a Editor & Author coach.
    I’ve been reading your tweets for some time & found them all very interesting.
    Thanks also for sharing some of my tweets too, the other day.
    I would like to talk with you about my book project that has grown out of my tweets.
    Regards, Steve


    getpublishedcoach Reply:

    I look forward to talking with you more, Steve. Thanks for the comment!


  3. Deborah Byrd
    3 years ago

    I have 10 titles that I have begun to write on. Should I consider these 10 separate books or 10 chapters in one book?


    getpublishedcoach Reply:

    That depends, Deborah on whether the 10 subjects have a common thread that would have them all belong in one book and whether the 10 separate titles have enough steam to warrant an entire book. Without having more information, the simple answer would be to write one book at a time and pick the title that has the most juice for you and your audience and start there. You might consider doing a Laser Coaching Session with me to get more specific feedback on your book ideas. http://getpublishedcoach.com/laser-coaching


  4. rich mai
    3 years ago

    I am a very elthusiastic poet and i ave been writing for a long time


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